May 21, 2024

From Kathy

My Path

Science of Mind teaches us that we are innately and unalterably whole — with nothing broken and nothing missing at the core of our being.  Our principles are based in the understanding that Wholeness, which is a Quality of God, is the eternal and unchangeable divine truth of who and what we are.  This was […]

Above the World

A wonderful dimension of reality opened for me as a metaphysical perspective of life dawned in my awareness. The first clue came in a Baptist church Sunday school room in which youngsters my own age of 13 or so were reciting Bible quotations to chapter and verse prompts called out by a teacher.  As a […]

Divine Idea

Ernest Holmes wrote in Science of Mind that if a spiritual treatment could be seen it would be seen as a pathway of light.  Such is the power of prayer to illumine our way by dispelling the darkness of error thinking and making radiant the truth of the Presence of God and the unchanging wholeness […]

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