May 21, 2024


A gifted and highly sought after speaker for years, Kathy Hearn is noted for her weekly and guest speaker talks in spiritual communities. She has presented at conferences in the US and internationally. Such events include the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Barcelona and Melbourne, annual gatherings of United Centers for Spiritual Living, and speaking at a variety of New Thought churches and centers.

Her talks range from a focus on deep personal healing, transformation and spiritual awakening to organizational change, global vision and planetary evolution. Orienting messages to fulfill themes, Kathy offers a unique combination of comments on societal events, personal realization, spiritual principle, teachings from the world’s great religions, story and poetry, all applied to the real and daily challenges of living in a profound time of change. She has often served as an event’s keynote speaker.

The call to listeners is to use life events for awakening, throw off the past, gain freedom from limitation, realize the innate truth of being, create by intention and live joyfully and lovingly.  A comment frequently heard after one of Kathy’s talks is, “She was speaking directly to me.”

Topics include:

  • The self that you are
  • Awakening to wholeness
  • Relationships and the path of love
  • The inner life of women
  • Spiritual leadership
  • The journey of transformation
  • Welcoming newness
  • Embracing the new world
  • The realization of oneness
  • Staying centered in a time of change
  • Spiritual principles in daily living
  • Stages of spiritual growth and development

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