July 14, 2024

Organizational Consulting and Facilitating


During 15 years as Senior Minister and 10 years in leadership with United Centers for Spiritual Living, Kathy Hearn has engaged in and facilitated profound and successful organizational change and growth. Her message is that organizations can change and move in the direction of a greater vision, shared leadership, teamwork, accountability and open communication. Kathy acts first as an exemplary role mode of spiritual living by “walking her talk”, and takes a non-judgmental approach to the issues at hand.

Her consulting focuses on establishing a new group consciousness and setting the organization’s intentions from that consciousness. She inspires the group to engage in principle-based policies and practices that allow the highest intentions of the organization to be realized. Kathy’s facilitating guides meetings and groups toward the intended results. She provides spiritual tools for organizations to transform lives and help create a world that works for everyone.

Services include:

  • Thematic keynote speaking
  • Generating new vision
  • Leadership and employee retreats
  • Board workshops, council workshops
  • The Co-Creation Process – Revealing Newness through Group Healing
  • Meeting preparation and facilitation

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