May 21, 2024

Divine Idea

Ernest Holmes wrote in Science of Mind that if a spiritual treatment could be seen it would be seen as a pathway of light.  Such is the power of prayer to illumine our way by dispelling the darkness of error thinking and making radiant the truth of the Presence of God and the unchanging wholeness of our individual being.  I notice that my active prayer for ease and grace in difficult situations fulfills itself in exactly that experience.  My treatment to know the good at the heart of all people – even the ones who challenge me – allows me to see beyond their “distressing disguises,” as Mother Theresa described the less-than-perfection we all display at times.

When I am concerned about my children, I treat my own consciousness to remember that they belong to God and that they each on a unique path and unalterably complete at the core.  I watch as they continue to flourish and unfold  just like beautiful flowers that can only bloom into full expression. As I contemplate the world in which we live, my prayer is for my ability to see that God is all there is.  I view current world conditions as prayer requests our collective experience is issuing.  And I do my prayer work to know and accept that the reality of Spirit and the Good of Life manifests for all people, for all beings everywhere.  And despite all the difficulties, and because of the power of prayer, this is what I see.

In a very real way, we are the prayer that God is praying – each of us a divine idea sent forth from Spirit to do great good, each embodying God’s Infinite Nature in a uniquely fashioned and unrepeatable way.  We are birthed from the One to dwell on earth so that the reality of God might be welcomed and lived in human expression.  We are the gift God has given to reveal Itself more fully.  A Sufi story tells of a man who was overcome with sorrow about the condition of the world.  He was so distraught that he sat on the earth and pounded it saying, “God, why do you allow this. Why haven’t you done something.” And after a moment of silence God spoke, saying, “I did do something.  I sent you.”

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